Class Actions

BG&G is dedicated and committed to recovering damages for investors victimized by securities fraud and directors’ and officers’ breaches of fiduciary duty and consumers maltreated by manufacturers.

The BG&G team has a wealth of knowledge and experience handling complex financial litigation and winning significant victories and settlements and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for investors and consumers nationwide.

BG&G stands out in the class-action space for its unwavering commitment and resources. The team consistently delivers impactful settlements that benefit vast numbers of class members.

BG&G is recognized as one of the nation’s leading plaintiff’s law firms and has received high ranks among securities class action firms nationwide by ISS Securities Class Action Services. BG&G has close to 30 years of experience fighting for investor and consumer rights. BG&G attorneys are highly qualified experts in their respective fields yet maintain close client relations. BG&G has some of the best attorneys in the business whose sole mission is representing shareholders and consumers and protecting their rights.

Unlike many class-action cases that offer meager settlements or none at all, BG&G prioritizes genuine results. BG&G seeks to hold wrongdoers accountable while restoring justice to the affected class.

BG&G represents class action clients on a fully contingent basis, so there is never any cost to its clients. Costs and expenses of lawsuits are advanced by the law firms prosecuting on behalf of the Class. BG&G will ask the court to grant reimbursement of the out-of-pocket expenses and attorneys’ fees — usually based upon effort expended and total recovery — only if successful. This means BG&G assumes the litigation risks and doesn’t get paid unless successful in reaching a settlement or verdict. As such, BG&G partners with its clients and only litigates cases the team believes will succeed.

BG&G shares this dedication to meaningful class actions. BG&G firmly believes in the power of these lawsuits to deliver functional, impactful, and restorative outcomes. BG&G works aggressively to secure the best possible results for its clients and does not back down from any company or defense counsel.

In today’s litigious environment, class actions often face criticism for being unproductive and solely benefiting lawyers. BG&G agrees with the growing consensus that such cases are detrimental and aims to rewrite this narrative. BG&G’s successful track record speaks for itself.

Class Actions: Delivering Justice and Shaping the Future

Done right, class-action lawsuits can deliver sweeping justice to millions, holding corporations accountable, driving lasting change, and shaping a brighter future for future generations. BG&G is committed to pioneering impactful class-action litigation that maximizes its reach and positive effect.

How Does it Work?

A class-action lawsuit allows a single individual or entity to represent a group of people (the “class”) who have suffered similar harm from the defendant’s actions. This efficient procedure avoids the need for multiple individual lawsuits, benefiting both plaintiffs and the court system.

What are the Benefits:

  • Efficiency: One lawsuit simplifies the process for plaintiffs, courts, and defendants, reducing costs and time.
  • Accessibility: Smaller individual claims that wouldn’t be financially viable to pursue separately can be addressed through a class action.
  • Fair Distribution: Ensures all victims receive a just share of any awarded damages.
  • Leveling the Playing Field: Enables individuals to hold powerful corporations accountable.

Examples of Class Actions:

  • Securities: Investor fraud and whistleblower litigation.
  • Product Liability/Personal Injury: Defective products causing harm to multiple individuals (e.g., pharmaceutical fraud).
  • Consumer: Businesses engaging in fraudulent or illegal practices harming consumers (e.g., antitrust cases).

What is the Process:

  1. Hiring the Right Law Firm: Select an experienced firm with a track record of success.
  2. Filing the Lawsuit: This starts with a complaint naming a class representative who files on behalf of the entire proposed class.
  3. Class Certification: The court must approve the class based on several criteria.
  4. Notice to Class Members: Informs potential class members about the lawsuit and their right to opt in or out.
  5. Trial or Settlement: The case proceeds to trial or settlement negotiations.
  6. Distribution of Damages: Once finalized, damages are distributed among class members by a third-party claims administrator.

BG&G has extensive experience successfully litigating and settling complex class-action lawsuits. BG&G has the resources and expertise to advocate for your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation.

Who is a Class Representative:

A class representative is an individual who represents a group of people (the class) who have suffered similar harm from the defendant’s actions. They serve as the voice and advocate for all class members, ensuring their interests are protected throughout the legal process.

Responsibilities of a Class Representative:

  • Provide documentation: Gather and preserve any documents related to your interactions with the defendant or the lawsuit’s central issue.
  • Cooperate with the legal team: Remain available to answer questions, provide information, and follow legal guidance.
  • Maintain evidence: Keep trade records, affected devices, vehicles, materials, or products until the case is resolved, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Travel considerations: While travel is unlikely, you may be required to give a deposition or testify in court if necessary.
  • No personal costs: You will not incur any financial responsibility for representing the class.
  • Potential service award: You may be eligible for a service award at the case’s conclusion, recognizing your time and effort.

Benefits of Serving as a Class Representative:

  • Seek justice: Hold the defendant accountable for wrongdoing and achieve positive change.
  • Make a difference: Represent your community and advocate for the rights of others affected by the issue.
  • Be heard: Give voice to the concerns and experiences of the entire class.

Next Steps:

If you’re interested in serving as a class representative, fill out the form to join one of our current cases. Our legal team is available to answer any questions you may have.

We appreciate your interest in participating in this class-action lawsuit. You can also speak with a securities or consumer lawyer from BG&G. Please fill out the contact form below, and someone from the team will reach out to you.

By serving as a class representative, you play a vital role in holding the defendant accountable and achieving justice for yourself and others.